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Talks and Written Work

I love talking about my lived experiences as a neurodivergent leader and peer. If your organization wants to empower their employees and managers to be more neuroinclusive, please reach out to me at

Below is a list of my speaking engagements, written work, podcasts, and other places where I've been featured!

Podcast: Atypical ParentingShea Belsky, Mentra and Thoughts on Living Life with AutismApril 27, 2023Podcast: Neurodiverse NoiseHuman ResourcesMarch 3, 2023Podcast: You're Not QualifiedYou're Qualified - To Be A C-Suite Exec As A Neurodivergent PersonFebruary 23, 2023Fireside Chat with Graduate Students in EngineeringNortheastern UniversityFebruary 15, 2023Podcast: glichEpisode #25 - Neurodivergence and the tech industryFebruary 1, 2023Talk with Neurodivergent Adults and Advocates3LPlaceJanuary 26, 2023Podcast: Assembling InclusionEpisode #27 - MentraJanuary 16, 2023College to Career Transition Resources: Mentra: A Neurodiversity Employment NetworkNational Disability Mentoring CoalitionDecember 20, 2022Blog: An autistic connection: a friendship fueled by shared experiencesJewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater BostonAugust 18, 2022Webinar: Neurodiversity Discussion PanelMentra & CodeUpAugust 18, 2022Blog: Preparing for Adult Life and WorkResearch AutismAugust 4, 2022Webinar: Unmasking the World's Neurodiversity and Bringing your Authentic Self to WorkMentraApril 27, 2022Free Service Helps Autistic People Find Inclusive EmploymentScary SymptomsApril 2022Tech Talk: Becoming an A11y: Why Accessibility Matters to EveryoneHubSpot & Raka CollectiveDecember 7, 2021Podcast: Autism StoriesAutism Personal CoachJanuary 4, 2021Spotlight: Shea Belsky (Info Sci '18, MPS '18)Cornell UniversityDecember 7, 2018Students code for the Cornell communityCornell EngineeringSeptember, 2018