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Speaking Engagements, Podcasts, and Webinars

I love talking about my lived experiences as a neurodivergent leader and peer. Check out my previous speaking engagements below! If your organization wants to level up their neuroinclusion and accessibility efforts, please reach out to me at

Speaking Engagements

Neurodiversity in the Workplace with Shea BelskyUltimate Medical AcademyJuly 25, 2023AANE and MRC Workshop: In Our Own WordsAssociation for Autism and Neurodiversity (AANE) and Massachusetts Rehabilitation Coalition (MRC)May 23, 2023Courageous Conversations: Autism Awareness MonthNovartisApril 26, 2023Building a Neuro inclusive Workplace: How to be an Ally and Advocate for Autistic EmployeesConfluentApril 26, 2023Fireside Chat with Graduate Students in EngineeringNortheastern UniversityFebruary 15, 2023With Neurodivergent Adults and Advocates3LPlaceJanuary 26, 2023Neurodiversity Discussion PanelMentra & CodeUpAugust 18, 2022Unmasking the World's Neurodiversity and Bringing your Authentic Self to WorkMentraApril 27, 2022Fireside Chat with Shea and Robin BelskyPremier HealthApril 12, 2022Becoming an A11y: Why Accessibility Matters to EveryoneHubSpot & Raka CollectiveDecember 7, 2021


On The Spectrum"We're Employable" - Shea Belsky: CTO of MentraJune 5, 2023Atypical ParentingShea Belsky, Mentra and Thoughts on Living Life with AutismApril 27, 2023Neurodiverse NoiseHuman ResourcesMarch 3, 2023You're Not QualifiedYou're Qualified - To Be A C-Suite Exec As A Neurodivergent PersonFebruary 23, 2023glichEpisode #25 - Neurodivergence and the tech industryFebruary 1, 2023Assembling InclusionEpisode #27 - MentraJanuary 16, 2023Autism StoriesAutism Personal CoachJanuary 4, 2021