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I take a lot of pride in getting the word out about neurodiversity, accessibility, and entrepreneurship. If your organization wants to level up their neuroinclusion and accessibility efforts, please reach out to me: hello(at)

Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (Maricopa Community College)15 Unique Perks Proven To Attract And Retain TalentFebruary 6, 2024TechCrunchSam Altman-backed Mentra aims to match neurodivergent jobseekers with ideal jobsSeptember 5, 2023Authority MagazineNeurodiversity in the Workforce: Shea Belsky Of Mentra On Why It's Important To Include Neurodiverse Employees & How To Make Your Workplace More Neuro-InclusiveAugust 20, 2023 College Recruiter9 ways for employers to make their job postings friendlier to those who are neurodivergentAugust 16, 2023New York PostNeurodiversity adds to the workplace, as these successes showJune 13, 2023College to Career Transition Resources: Mentra: A Neurodiversity Employment NetworkNational Disability Mentoring CoalitionDecember 20, 2022An autistic connection: a friendship fueled by shared experiencesJewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater BostonAugust 18, 2022Preparing for Adult Life and WorkResearch AutismAugust 4, 2022Free Service Helps Autistic People Find Inclusive EmploymentScary SymptomsApril 2022Spotlight: Shea Belsky (Info Sci '18, MPS '18)Cornell UniversityDecember 7, 2018Students code for the Cornell communityCornell EngineeringSeptember, 2018